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What a wonderful question! It's how you want to feel in retirement, or as you plan for retirement. The SECURiMENT method highlights exactly what you must do to reduce stress and worry so you can love retirement & spend frivolously on your grandkids (if you like them) or a new widescreen TV (if you don't)!

Learn more by watching the short videos below!

What is 


Just what does this magical, mystical word mean and how will achieving SECURiMENT benefit you? (1:39)

Where did the word SECURiMENT

come from?

Why, with all the words currently available in the dictionary, did I feel the need to create a new one? (Hint: It wasn't to impress my 3 sons; they don't care!) (2:18)

Introducing the 


Practically speaking, what are the variables that help one achieve SECURiMENT? (1:47)

What's up with all the muscles

Learn what happened in my life that has me infatuated with always operating from a position of strength!

Why Darryl Rosen?

What's the biggest retirement risk we all face? I'll share that in this short video and what you can do about it.